UFLEX starts new BOPP film plant in Egypt, adds capacity in Mexico


One of the five largest flexible films processors in the world recently expanded its capacity yet again, this time with the commissioning of a new greenfield BOPP film plant in Egypt. The company, based in India, also is adding capacity in Mexico and even eyeing possible expansion in Europe.

Making the announcement is the UFLEX Group (Noida, India), which ranks as the world's fifth-largest manufacturer of packaging films. Its products include bioriented polypropylene (BOPP), bioriented PET, cast PP and coextruded multilayer blown film. The new line is Egypt is an 8.7m-wide, 500-m/min output line for processing of coextruded BOPP film, with annual throughput better than 35,000 tonnes (about 80 million lb) per year. The line is supplemented by a 2.85m-wide plasma enhanced high-barrier vacuum metalizing unit.
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