UBE boosts machinery output in Michigan


UBE Machinery, which specializes in production of large injection molding machines, is increasing production in Ann Arbor, MI as it introduces the UU2e Fusion, a two-platen machine that fits between the company's all-electric and standard hydraulic machines.

David Bernardi, senior sales and marketing manager, said he expects the company's domestic machine production to increase from 100 last year to the 120-140 range this year, partly due to the new machine introduction. Annual global production of big injection molding machines by UBE is in the 250 to 300 range.

Most of the components are sourced in the United States. One exception is the heavy metal. "We are a foundry and we produce the castings and tiebars in Japan," said Bernardi. "We source as much as we can in the United States." UBE has been building machines in Michigan since 1995. The company focuses on producing machines for large part production in automotive, appliance, trash receptacle and other markets. Typical parts molded on UBE machines are door panels, fascia, and automotive lenses—polycarbonate for the front and acrylic for the rear in the U.S. market....
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