U.S. molders in Mexico not adversely impacted by border violence


One major issue that has arisen in the past few years is the violence that has escalated in Mexico, and how that might be affecting foreign direct investment and shelter programs that help companies set up business in Mexico. “The violence in Mexico is a reality,” comments Maria Elena Rigoli, president of Collectron International Management Inc., a shelter program services company located in Nogales, AZ, “but it’s being projected to be much worse than it is. The violence is strictly between the cartels and the police. It’s not open shooting or violence like the media portrays.”

Rigoli says that Collectron (www.collectron.com) is open and upfront with its clients with respect to these activities in Mexico. “We provide our clients with information that we get from Interpol, including monthly crime breakdown figures,” she states. “I can compare these numbers to Arizona and in many cases, there is 25% less crime in our area than in Phoenix, or other large U.S. cities.”
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