U.S. imports making life tough for Chinese suppliers


Tough for suppliers of polyvinyl chloride in China, that is, who have been able to enjoy steady prices for some months but now appear to be the next target of low-cost import material from the U.S. Pricing pressure on PVC has been reported recently in other markets, including as Turkey and Egypt, after U.S. imports landed there, prompting some sellers to predict that prices in China will be pulled lower next week by the threat of cheaper American imports.

That all according to plastics pricing service ChemOrbis, which shared its recent update on China's PVC pricing situation. According to ChemOrbis, prices in China's PVC market have been stable to slightly higher in June even as prices in other major polymer markets have recorded steep month-over-month declines.

Although market participants in China are predicting continued steady PVC prices, this outlook is being challenged by softening prices for U.S.-made PVC in other global markets as well as reports of rising supply levels in Southeast Asia, which has been an important export destination for PVC from Chinese origins over the past month....
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