Hekuma GmbH

Twice as fast

Higher speed in a smaller area – HEKUMA sets new filter separation standards in the production of pipette tips.

The development of HEKUMA's new filter separation system, which was registered as a patent in spring 2013, has caused no small amazement. The separation was designed for pipette tips in the first place, but can also be used for applications in which small, lightweight cylinders need to be made available for the next assembly step as quickly and reliably as possible.
With cycle times of 1.5 seconds between bulk-fed filters entering the feeder system and the filling of the turntable plate, the manufacturer of high-performance automation for injection molding systems has thus managed to considerably accelerate the separation process of pipette tip filters. This time saving is reflected in higher speeds over the entire assembly process. HEKUMA has now reduced this process to just 5 seconds per cycle (filter entry, assembly into the pipette tip). Testing was carried out in the HEKUMA facility in Eching on the basis of a 16-hole grid. Depending on the performance of the system and the scope of the manufacturing concept, the grid size can be scaled upwards so as to serve the parallel assembly of 96 filters per cycle (i.e. over 1.100 per minute). Comparable systems only manage about 500 pipette tips per minute, i.e. not even half of this number.
Next to the significant increase of speed and, thus, of productivity, another reason for the amazement caused was the tiny footprint in spite of the performance of the system. Another big plus is the easy and quick changeover to other filter formats.
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