Turning Japanese: Wall-to-Wall IPF


A technology tour de force, Japan's triennial International Plastics Fair (IPF) packs oodles of cutting-edge plastics processing into its week-long run. PlasticsToday's Stephen Moore roamed the halls of the Makuhari Messe from October 25-29 for those who weren't among the 43,475 visitors who trekked to Chiba City to see the more than 700 exhibitors.

Below, links to all the stories Stephen filed, covering everything from injection molding, extrusion (from an unlikely source), something called transcription molding, and more from a process standpoint, in addition to new technologies geared towards applications in transportation (automotive and motorcycles), electronics (LCD light guides, lenticular lenses), and packaging (inmold labeled PP tubs). Bill Carteaux, president of the Society of the Plastics Industry even makes an appearance, talking up NPE2012, in what we can say with confidence is the most comprehensive coverage of the show you will find anywhere....
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