Tubing extruder overcomes nylon shortage


For more than a year, a nylon-12 tubing supply shortage has put a glitch into extruder processors, but now NewAge Industries, a tubing extruder in Southampton, PA, says it has plenty to meet demand from its customers. The company "has worked diligently" with its partners to obtain materials and finished tubing, and now has an ample supply of nylon-12 tubing at a time when many companies are still scrambling to source and manufacture the product.

A complex network of issues caused the shortage, according to Catherine Wallace, director of purchasing for NewAge Industries. First, many nylons, including nylon-12, are petroleum-based, and oil supplies, demand and prices "have been volatile in recent years," she noted. "In addition to nylon, raw material costs for PVC, polyethylene, and fluoropolymer have seen increases, and in some cases shortages."...
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