Trocellen: Foam composites for light weight sandwich structures

Innovative foam composites such as light weight sandwich structures or foam with thermo formable adhesive layer as well as competence as a development partner with air duct prototyping facilities and process support Trocellen will present its visitors during the VDI conference in Mannheim. In order to react to the market demand for light weight solutions, Trocellen has developed various composite materials such as sandwiches with PE foam core and high-tensile outer layers that show stiffness while being very light. In cooperation with Bayer Materialscience Baypreg honeycomb sandwich was extended by Trocellen PE foam surface layer which adds acoustical functions and convenient surface feel to the composite.

With focus on easing processes Trocellen has established a composite of PE foam with thermo formable adhesive layer. The adhesive is applied onto the foam sheet before the composite is thermoformed into the required shape. This allows easy attachment of the thermo formed parts to 3-dimensional surfaces and avoids a separate process step for assembly of glue onto the shaped foam after thermo forming. Making this material solution especially beneficial for 3-dimensional applications like door water shields, sealings or protection covers. Aiming to find the best possible solutions together with customers like Daimler, Ford or Fiat.

VDI-Tagung "Kunststoffe im Automobilbau", 17.-18. März 2010, Mannheim, Stand 72

More Information: www.trocellen.com