Trexel tackles blow molding process

Trexel, Inc. (Wilmington, MA) has extended its MuCell processing solution for injection molding to blow molded automotive components with similarly impressive savings in part weight. In working closely with their OEM and Tier I customers, the company has recognized the need for lightweighting plastic parts beyond the traditional and proven injection molded interior, exterior and under the hood applications, hence its move into the process.

To develop this robust MuCell blow molding process, Trexel worked with ABC Group (Toronto, ON), a leading supplier of blow molded products to the North American automotive industry over the past year. Through these efforts, the first Mucell blow molding process was achieved with an automotive application. The part is a reinforced polyethylene air duct with 1.5-2-mm wall thickness. The Mucell process realized a density reduction of 41% of the foamed material, resulting in a 32% net weight saving of the finished part compared to solid....

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