Trexel expands product line to include TecoCell chemical foaming agents


Trexel Inc. (Wilmington, MA), the company that developed and commercialized the MuCell process for the production of microcellular foamed parts in injection molding, blowmolding and extrusion, announced that it will now offer TecoCell, a chemical foaming agent (CFA), to its customers.

Trexel long believed that CFAs could not produce a consistent microcellular structure needed for foaming thin-wall parts. However, in the course of Trexel's research and development with Polyfil's EcoCell product line, it was able to identify process conditions that did, indeed, create generally consistent microcellular structures within certain parts and with specific materials. This now enables Trexel to offer multiple high-performance foaming products to its customers, depending on their exact requirements, by applying Trexel's expertise in designing and molding foamed parts with the TecoCell chemical agent.

TecoCell is Trexel's brand name for Polyfil's EcoCell. "We want to distinguish this product for our activities in the injection and blowmolding markets versus Polyfil, which is serving the extrusion market with its EcoCell," said Levi Kishbaugh, VP Engineering for Trexel, in an interview with PlasticsToday. "It differentiates the companies between markets.
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