Trexel combines heating technology with MuCell at NPE


Trexel is expanding its product portfolio to bring new process solutions to the plastics marketplace. At NPE, Trexel will demonstrate the Rapid Heat Cycle Molding (RHCM) process also called the Variotherm process, used in conjunction with Trexel’s MuCell process in a molding demonstration at its booth, #1303. A tackle box will be molded that not only demonstrates the design freedom and weight reduction potential offered by the MuCell process, but also how users can take advantage of the RHCM/MuCell combination to achieve outstanding part surface appearance never before available until now.

The tackle box will be molded on a 250-ton Arburg hydraulic Allrounder 630 S, and will demonstrate the variable wall thicknesses and 1:1 rib structures that are possible through the use of the MuCell process. MuCell also offers designers the potential to reduce weight by 20%-30% in many applications. The tackle box lid will be molded using RHCM in combination with the MuCell process to show the high gloss surface appearance now possible with this process technology combination....
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