Training and technology: Foundations of a successful mold company

Andy Baker, project manager at Byrne Tool & Die Inc. ( gave his take on workforce development in the segment Making Real Progress in Workforce Development. “Our biggest asset in this industry is our people,” said Baker. To develop people and endow them with passion takes a commitment to training. Byrne Tool invests in its employees with training programs in CAD/CAM and computer skills; leadership and coaching through the Leadership Flight School, a unique program developed by Bartell & Bartell Ltd. to train people in the process of leadership; and college-level courses.

“Training must have a return on investment,” said Baker, “which is why you need to have a training plan, and it must be self-directed Mold manufacturing has its challenges, and the past decade hasn’t been an easy one for U.S. mold makers. While we’ve seen a lot of fallout of shops that couldn’t weather the storm, the ones that remain in business are bigger and stronger than ever. They’ve found the keys to success, and several panels of moldmakers shared their formulas at the recent Amerimold Expo and Technical Conference.and provide tuition assistance. That’s what helps give us a competitive edge. Last year we hired two apprentices for the first time in 10 years.”...

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