Tracing the roots of today’s polyurethane technologies


Polyurethane has been used for nearly 75 years to make almost every element of our lives more safe and comfortable. Because of polyurethane's varied benefits, the product's rich history spreads across many industries - from furniture cushioning to spaceflight suits to each decade's newest and lightest electronic devices to the energy-saving refrigerator insulation that keeps food and beverages cold.

Since its beginnings, polyurethane and its applications have evolved to match advances in technology and manufacturing, as well as consumer demands. Today, polyurethanes are even found in many luxury items, including designer shoes, clothes, furniture and appliances.

Some great ideas really do start with a cold beer
Polyurethane rigid foam is used to insulate many kinds of containers. In fact, polyurethane rigid foam is the insulating material most widely used to keep the cold air inside refrigerators and freezers.

The origin of this idea traces back to 1948 when one of the first insulation applications of the product was a twin-walled insulated beer barrel.
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