Toshiba unveils lower cost made-in-China all-electric


The depreciating Japanese Yen has close the dollar price differential of injection machines made in China by Toshiba Machine to within 15-20% of those made by the OEM in Japan. With some processors enticed to shift back to made-in-Japan machines if the correspondng price premium is just 15%, the timeliness of the introduction of an even lower cost machine made by Toshiba in China could not have been better.

According to Shinji Tanabe, Managing Director of Shanghai Toshiba Machine Co., the ENA series of all-electric machines offers an additional 20% price saving over the EC-S series of machines already built in China. The ENA series offers a maximum injection speed of 150 mm/second, and comes in clamping forces of 100, 180, and 230 tonnes.
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