Toshiba launches revamped EC-SX injection machines at PLASTEC West


Toshiba Machine Corp. (Elk Grove Village, IL) has debuted its completely redesigned EC-SX all-electric injection molding machine line at the PLASTEC West show. Originally launched in Japan prior to NPE2009, the machine's North American show debut had been delayed until this week in Anaheim. Toshiba is running a 110-ton machine at the show, producing a vitamin carrier in an aluminum production tool from Phoenix Proto Technologies (Centreville, MI) that's outfitted with RJG cavity pressure sensors.

Toshiba has redesigned the machine from the inside out, revamping not only its platens, injection unit, and controls, but also its exterior styling. Compared to the previous designs with three screw and barrel combinations, the new line has five screw and barrel setups to choose from. In addition to expanding the machine's daylight, Toshiba has also widened the space between the tiebars. Those tiebars are greaseless, running on linear bearings, and the tie bar strain gauge on the back lets the machine measure tie-bar stress in process, making adjustments as tooling heats up and expands. The platens themselves can be swapped out depending on where the machine will run, accommodating JIS, SPI, or Euromap standards. Behind the platens, Toshiba has changed out the toggle system, installing its Linkline design with two-piece platens that promise greater clamp rigidity. The new Injectvisor V50 controller replaces the V30, offering a larger, 15-inch color touch screen and faster processing, with the loop speed cut from 500 milliseconds to 62.5 milliseconds....
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