Tosaf: New infrared masterbatches help optimize plant growth in cooler regions

New IR masterbatches by Tosaf (www.tosaf.com) allow production of greenhouse films that are optimized for cooler regions such as Northern Europe. On the one hand, these films retain their high transparency and thus their ability to transmit sunlight almost directly to the plants. On the other, they efficiently retain heat inside the greenhouse when outside temperatures drop at night.

Comparative tests on films of the same thickness with and without the new IR masterbatch showed no significant change in light transparency, a reduction of light scattering by about approx. 10% and an improvement in thermicity (the ability to retain heat inside) of more than 20% (see chart). The film´s absolute thermicity is of at least 80%. This means that films equipped with this additive masterbatch can help prevent frost damage to greenhouse plants during cold nights. At the same time they encourage the growth of particular herbs and flowers that prefer direct sunlight.

In addition, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of additive masterbatches for various applications, color masterbatches for a wide range of polymers and mineral-filled compounds for the white goods industry, automotive and other plastic industries.

Tosaf Group, founded in 1985, is a joint-venture between Megides Holding and the Ravago Group, operating nine factories in Israel, Turkey, Germany, UK (Colloids Ltd., specializing in black as well as color masterbatches), The Netherlands and the Ukraine, with a total of 720 employees.