Torninova Srl will officially be presented on the market for cast Stretch Film lines in the K 2010 trade fair.

After having established itself as an undisputed leader in the field of cast film and air bubbles lines and having surprised the experts by showing its futuristic installations in the previous editions, this year Torninova has chosen to present itself at K with the revolutionary series of cast lines in co-extrusion for production of the PE 3 layers Stretch Film.

In the stunning 450 m2 stand, Torninova will present the latest model of the revolutionary series Compact Stretch which is the result of careful development and implementation of technology by engineer. V. PROVERA (project manager Torninova).

The Compact Stretch is really a revolutionary system because by understanding the true need of the stretch film market, the design methods and process for cast stretch film lines, abandoning or readapting a great part of the obsolete technological assumptions has been refined. This is due to the fact that presently this system had no reason to exist.

The plant will be displayed at the event in a 1000 mm scale in co-extrusion with a net output of 600 kg/h guaranteed and with a mechanical speed of up to 800 m/min.

High production speed, thin film but top performance: are the new needs for stretch producers. All of this is combined with the policy to lower energy consumption as well as an essential simplicity and reliability of the production process.

Putting aside the oversized and costly extruders, which are no longer needed (whether because of new product target or of new polymers developed), the machine on display is designed to offer the best performance on thin layers (8-12 μ), where more importantly offers an absolute control of production and stability at top speed.

The new generation screw extruders have been developed to provide greater capacity and better mixing of the resins.

The extremely compact dimensions of the system (less than 55 m2) is thanks to the thickness gauge integrated in the dual cooling Chill-Roll group and to the new water gear-motors giving top performance and lowering the levels of consumption and noise.

A special note regarding the best of COMPACT STRETCH: the new universal winder “QuickGold 4S” can in a single module, rewind reels in a manual, automatic and jumbo format (Ø 500 mm) with a perfect cut and no folds.

Moreover, the entire machine is implemented on a new and compact monolithic structure, which includes an internal circuit trim, an electrical and cooling system, and pellet feeding.

The Torninova Ltd acknowledges that it has been able to reach the new concept of the Compact Stretch series thanks to the synergy created by the world's leading companies for the production of stretch film and with leading producers of polymers. Customers who have already purchased Compact Stretch equipment can confirm the outstanding results. They are important testimonials in the Umbrian companies and will be present at the exhibition in Dusseldorf, in the Torninova booth.