Torninova Corp. will be officially presented on the market for cast Stretch Film lines atthe K 2013 trade fair

After having established itself as an undisputed leader in the field of cast film and air bubbles lines and having surprised the experts by showing its futuristic installations in the previous editions, this year Torninova has chosen to present itself at the K show with the revolutionary series of co-extrusion machines for the production of Cast Stretch Film.

In the stunning 400 m2stand, Torninova will present the latest model of the innovative Compact Stretch 1.000 series which is the result of attentive development and the implementation of new technologies.

The plant will be displayed during the event in a 1.000 mm size with 3-layer co-extrusion geometry, a net output of over 600 kg/h and with a production speed of up to 650 m/min.

High production speed, thin film and top performances are stretch film producers’ new needs. All of these are combined with the energy consumption reduction policy as well as an essential simplicity and reliability of the production process.

Putting aside the oversized and costly extruders, which are no longer needed (either because of the new product target or of new developed polymers), the machine on display is designed to offer the best performance on thin gauge films production, where the main characteristics are the absolute production control, stability at top speed and the lowest energy consumption. Thanks to constant collaboration with Exxon Mobile, the Torninova Corp. will show its visitors the production of 10 and 12 microns stretch film with formulations based on LLDPE and especially the new generation of mLLDPE (Exceed™ and Enable™ resins from ExxonMobil Chemical). Check this URL to learn more:

The double chill-roll configuration (Torninova is the only manufacturer offering 1-meter machine with two chill-rolls) helps producing high quality cast stretch film including super power and in-line pre-stretched films.

The new extruders LLPOWEREX™ extruders have been developed to provide greater output capacity and better mixing of the resins (even with PP blends). The water-cooled torque motors ensure energy saving, a compact design and less maintenance compared to the standard motor+gearbox configuration.

A special note regarding the best of COMPACT STRETCH: the new ALL-in-ONE “QuickGold-3S” winder, already introduced at the previous K2010, allows to produce stretch film rolls in hand, machine and jumbo format (up to Ø420 mm) on2”or3”cores. This winder is also characterized by the production of rolls with flat edges and no air entrapment. This is possible thanksto a satelliteroller placed on top of the contact roller that ensures the same angle of entrance of the film at all times.

An extra contact roller engaged during the indexing process ensures a very short tail and a perfect winding quality until the last layer of the rolls.

A new feature that Torninova will introduce during this edition of the K show is the in-line edge folding system that allows producing stretch film rolls with reinforced edges. This new and patented system increases the load holding force and tear resistance. On hand rolls, it also allows to produce rolls that are more resistant to shocks or accidental falls to which these rolls are subject.

The Torninova Corp. acknowledges that it has been able to develop the new concept of the Compact Stretch series thanks to the synergy created by the world's leading companies for the production of stretch film and with leading polymer producers. Customers who have already purchased Compact Stretch equipment can confirm the outstanding results.

At the Torninova booth (located in Hall 17/A19), besides the COMPACT STRETCH 1.000 machine, visitors can see the new RV40x42D co-rotating twin screw extruder for the master-batch production in action.

This machine incorporates components subject to special treatments to increase their energy and process efficiency as well as their operating life. The screws are available in lengths of up to 42 D and diameters between 30 and92 mm, have a modular design for adapting to various production needs and process types and include self-cleaning elements mounted on grooved shafts. The screw geometry has been designed to mix and homogenise the viscosity of compounds and masterbatches in order to reduce mechanical and thermal stress that may deteriorate the end product, nevertheless ensuring the greatest dispersion and distribution uniformity of additives and colours into the polymer matrix. The rectangular section of the barrel contributes to maintaining a constant and uniform temperature distribution inside the plasticising chamber. The cooling system has also been designed for ensure optimum temperature control for both screws, as well as high energy efficiency: two crucial factors when processing heat-sensitive products.

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