Toray plans Korean PPS resin plant

Toray Industries, Inc. (Tokyo) plans to construct a 8600-tonnes/yr production plant for polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resin in South Korea. The facility located in the Saemangeum Industrial Complex in Gunsan, Jeollabuk Province, is Toray's first manufacturing base for PPS resin outside of Japan.

The plant is expected to become operational in April 2016 and will boost Toray's annual production capacity for PPS resin to 27,600 tonnes together with the existing Tokai Plant in Japan.

Moreover, by manufacturing sodium hydrogen sulfide (NaSH) and paradichlorobenzene (p-DCB), the two main raw materials for PPS resin, at the same plant, Toray intends to make it a cost competitive integrated manufacturing base. Further, Toray will simultaneously install a compounding facility to carry out design and functional processing on the resins. The compounding facility will have an annual production capacity of 3300 tonnes and Toray aims to start shipping it to customers from October 2015, prior to the start of PPS resin production....

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