Toray, Gevo team up for 100% biobased PET


Using paraxylene (PX) derived from ethanol-based isobutanol, Gevo Inc. (Englewood, CO) and Toray Industries collaborated on fully biobased polyethylene terephthalate (PET). In addition to Gevo's PX monomer, Toray and Gevo used a commercially available renewable mono ethylene glycol (MEG) to polymerize the fully renewable PET.

In April 2010, the two companies signed a non-binding letter of interest for the future supply of renewable PX derived from Gevo's isobutanol sometime in 2012 or thereafter. Gevo is hoping to tap into what it calculates at PET's 50-million ton annual market PET, including its conversion into films and bottles for packaging; fibers for non-wovens and textiles; and resins for automotive applications.
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