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December 2017: What makes plastic Christmas trees irresistible


A Christmas tree that neither prickles nor loses its needles? That is so easy to look after that it doesn’t even need water and still has all its foliage in January even so? This is not wishful thinking but reality– although the tree we are talking about is not natural. Because it is not found in a forest; it is made synthetically. In the USA, every third Christmas tree is already made of plastic.
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November 2017: Real plastic hearts


An artificial heart would be an absolute lifesaver for people with cardiac failure. However, to recreate the complex organ in the laboratory, one would first need to work out how to grow multi-layered, living tissues. Researchers have now come one step closer to this goal: by means of a spraying process, they have created functioning muscle fibers a three-dimensional synthetic polymer scaffold.
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October 2017: Happy Birthday - K celebrates its 65th anniversary


On 11. October 1952, 65 years ago to the day, Messe Düsseldorf opened the first K – the trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry that is still the leading event for this sector today. We are taking a look back at the year in which K began and invite you to accompany us as we return to what was both an eventful and momentous time.
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September 2017: A brief of the rubber boots


Summer is on the retreat and autumn is back. The days are becoming noticeably shorter and the temperature is dropping while rain showers are unpleasantly cold and wet rather than refreshing, like they were only a short time ago. Especially on the skin and inside one’s shoes, when the water gets through the seams. Waterproof footwear made out of plastic with a shaft, i.e. a tubular extension ...
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August 2017: New approaches in the recycling of old tyres


Every year, more than 1.5 billion old car tyres are taken out of service around the world. If they were stacked on top of each other, the pile of tyres would reach from the earth to the moon – about 380,000 kilometres. Up to now, one third of old tyres in Germany have been incinerated to recover energy. Scientists from Chemnitz Technical ...
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June/July 2017: Handling plastic is a skill that can be learned


In a few weeks’ time, a new year is starting at vocational schools, while thousands of students are beginning the 2017 winter term too. The central objective of our Topic of the Month for June/July 2017 is therefore to provide potential candidates with some ideas and guidance in their search for suitable apprenticeships and degree courses.
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May 2017: Plastic – the perfect travelling companion


While some people are perfectly content to spend their holidays in their own garden or on their own balcony, others love to travel. Many of the latter like to relax by the seaside or in the mountains, which are probably two of the most important holiday destinations of all. Anyone who goes away on a trip doesn’t just have plenty of stories to tell when he returns – whether he has been to the ...
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April 2017: Paradise under threat


Even a remote atoll is being impacted by contamination of the world’s oceans by plastic debris. Students and scientists from the University of Bayreuth in Germany analysed marine debris washed ashore on an island in the Indian Ocean and came to worrying conclusions.
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March 2017: What I think of polymers


Between 9. November and 2. December 2016, PlasticsEurope carried out a representative opinion poll in Germany, with the aim of finding out more about the image of plastic. In March 2017, the association of plastics manufacturers presented the results of the opinion poll. K-online summarises the main points in the Topic of the Month for March.
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January/February 2017: Nylon – timelessly dressy and extremely attractive


Plastics are not just practical! They look extremely good too. Nylon stockings – an essential accessory for models and film stars: the patent application for production of the first synthetic fibre was filed in the USA 80 years ago.
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