Top 2012 for Lanxess

Despite rising raw material prices and weaknesses of regional sales (esp. in Europe) was the successful result achieved through a consistent focus on energy conservation.

By new methods, for example with new catalysts could partly up to 30 % of the required production energy can be saved. But also the products used in the application give energy savings. Lightweight / fiber composite materials and the energy-saving "green tires" with the products developed by Lanxess Nd-PBR and S-SBR for tire tread and IIR for the inner surface of the tire, allowing large energy savings in motor vehicle.

With 1/3 of sales are generated in the U.S. and also emerging markets. Emerging markets were therefore the objectives of the investment, Lanxess has made in recent years. Further investments are planned in China and Singapore.

With the excellent performance it is no surprise that other companies are interested in Lanxess. So there are rumors in the stock market over hostile takeover plans by the Dow Chemical Corp.
While the stock market has a Market capitalization of Lanxess approximately Dollar 6.9 billion, Dow has a value of Dollar 38.5 billion. Sales by the Dow is about seven times greater than Lanxess. On the other hand, Dow is currently not in good economic situation. The company plans to close 20 plants worldwide and reduce investment.