Tooling tech: New adaptive CNC control and pre-pocketed edge mold bases


Increasing productivity has been key to U.S. mold manufacturers' ability to compete with offshore companies. Suppliers to the mold manufacturing industry contribute to those efforts with new and improved technology to help their customers in the moldmaking business.

Fanuc Automation America announced the integration of their new iAdaptS adaptive control solution into the CNC system for increased machine tool productivity. The iAdapt S improves material removal and minimizes cycle time by automatically optimizing the cutting federate based on the actual spindle load. Integration of the iAdapt S product within the CNC also eliminates the need for mounting space, simplifying installation while improving the capabilities of the original iAdapt product.

"Fanuc has developed many features to improve the efficiency of die mold production," stated Paul Webster, manager of Product Engineering. "One of the newest features optimizes metal removal in the roughing and semi-roughing process to improve productivity."...
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