Tobin’s ANTEC “Nuggets”, part III: A Molder’s bill of rights, know the law


Clare Goldsberry wrote a beautiful article "Not paying suppliers is NOT a winning business strategy." Yes, when working for a Goliath Corporation (P&G, The 'BIG 3 etc.), what never fails to amaze me is the arrogance these companies have, simply issuing a press release on how they will boost their profits with no care for their supply base.

But maybe that's the issue: They don't care. I was talking to several suppliers at ANTEC and an interesting common thread came out in our 'war story' sessions (the Meet 'n Greet networking receptions). It goes like this: "We'll give you a PO for X-thousand parts per week, but we want you to be able to supply three times that amount on two days' notice; and no, we won't authorize or pay you to have this on hand."

I find it absolutely amazing that molders neither READ nor UNDERSTAND their purchase orders or have taken a short course from the Small Business Association at their local college on business law. Simply put, a customer can demand anything but unless it is in writing, signed by the appropriate parties, it carries no weight....
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