To build machines better, Arburg reviews the film


Just as teams break down game film to see how they can improve their own performance, injection molding machinery supplier Arburg has started a systematic process of filming its workers on the job and then reviewing the tape to see where improvements can be made.

The Lossburg, Germany based company began the practice in 2010, with selected groups within its production group receiving preliminary basic training in the use of video analysis. On a selected day, the video was first shot with external assistance and subsequently subjected to "systematic evaluation", according to Arburg.

Workshops on set-up time optimization were first held in production before being extended to other sectors within Arburg's assembly operation. Between five and six employees are invited to take part in each session, including at least two operators, managers, and production planners. The two operators then partner on the actual compilation of the analysis video, with one filming what the other is doing....
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