Tips of the trade (or how not to re-invent the wheel)


For processors who may have missed them, these Tips of the Trade can help save time, frustration, and money in your operation. Experts in the field offer their experience to help you troubleshoot purging of an injection molding machine, prevent chatter marks during sheet extrusion, and optimize your sheet extrusion die.

You can find the links to all three of these articles here. If you're interested in learning more about the use of end-of-arm tooling when molding difficult parts, you'll find a wealth of advice in this article. Tips on optimizing your processing of thin-walled packaging are offered by Husky's packaging business manager. The experts at Mold-Masters offer this advice to a systematic approach to seletion of a hot runner.

Have a different challenge in your shop and would welcome some tips? Post it on our injection molding readers' forum, in the extruders' forum or in one of the other forums, and let your peers help solve it for you.

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