Tips of the trade: Prevent chatter marks on your extruded sheet


So many things can go wrong during sheet extrusion that it's almost a miracle processors are able to produce as much good product as they do. Chatter marks can be a common problem when processing sheet, but with this checklist you'll be able to locate and fix a weak spot quickly.

(Editor's note: The K show approaches, fiscal years are closing and budgets are being prepared; as a result of all of these, plus a broad economic recovery, capital investment is on the minds of many processors. We have asked experts from some of the industry's leading suppliers to offer their tips on what processors should consider as they buy new equipment or upgrade their current equipment. Thanks to Richard Risch, president at extrusion line manufacturer Mega Machinery Inc., for offering these tips. Have your own Tips of the Trade? Willing to share them? Contact us at

There are numerous possible causes of chatter marks in extruded plastic sheeting. This checklist helps to identify them by groups: mechanical, thermal, and "variables."...
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