Tips of the trade: A step-by-step guide to Scientific Molding


Manufacturers that design and produce critical-use devices containing precision-molded plastic parts must be certain those parts are defect-free and formed through a highly reliable and repeatable process that can be validated. The process must be repeatable across multiple production runs and consistently produce high-quality parts that achieve tight tolerances.

Scientific molding is a manufacturing discipline that is increasingly in demand by OEMs because it virtually guarantees top quality by removing all the guesswork from the injection-molding process. Compared to traditional "trial and error" molding that relies on guesswork to bring parts within specification, scientific molding uses sophisticated data collection and analysis techniques to document the specifications, settings, and steps required to ensure reproducibility over time and across equipment. Because all data associated with the process are recorded, the process can then be replicated as needed, even when production is transferred from one machine to another, with minimal setup time.
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