Tips of the Trade: A scientific approach to injection molding


Last week Mike Sepe, The Materials Analyst and host of our Injection Molding Expert series of webinars, spent an hour sharing his decades of insight and experience on how best to get your shop's molding operation operating based on best practices and quantitative information. As Mike noted, set-up sheets at many injection molding operations too often lack the necessary information, and force operators to document information that really is of little help.

Lack of standardization in the way controllers present the numbers is part of the problem. But the other aspect of this problem is related to the manner in which molding processes are developed. During the webinar, Mike talked through how processors can develop a scientific approach to molding that is robust, repeatable, and transportable from machine to machine and plant to plant. The importance of melt temperature; the value of set points (those that offer critical information, which often aren't those molders are actually using); how to use your machine as a rheometer; understanding the difference between machine settings and actual plastic conditions, and much more was discussed during the 40-minute presentation, after which Mike spent 20 minutes fielding questions from the audience....
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