Three plastics + one filter = new production method for filter modules

Three different resins and a filter come together in one machine at K in a process Engel believes could revolutionize filter system manufacturing in medical initially and fuel systems down the road.

At K, a a blood transfusion drip chamber application will be molded on an Engel e-victory 310H/80W/50V 160 combi three-component injection molding machine, utilizing the company’s ecodrive technology and a clean room design. ABS and a TPE component will be injection molded in a single step, while the filter is mounted and joined by a polypropylene overmolding. In conventional systems, two hollow body components are individually injection molded, while the inlay is then fitted and bonded in subsequent process steps.

The e-victory utilizes servoelectric drives for all movements of the index plate mold; which Engel says facilitates the synchronous control of mutually independent movements. Engel notes that platen parallelism on its tiebarless injection molding machine ensures mold protection, with platen parallelism automatically adapted to the mold parallelism, as clamping force builds up. Engel notes that platen parallelism is guaranteed, even where molds are heavy, thanks to prestressing by the patented FlexLink system and the support of the C-frame. easix multi-axis robot removes the drip chambers and runs them through inspection for seal tightness....

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