Three-quarters of medtech professionals polled have positive outlook for 2015, but that's fewer than last year


Medical device professionals have a largely positive outlook for the medical technology industry in 2015, but the positivity fluctuates somewhat depending on geography, and it is down from a year ago. That's one of the key takeaways from an annual survey conducted by medical device consultancy Emergo (Austin TX), which polled more than 5400 industry executives and has published the results in a report titled, "Global Medical Device Industry Outlook for 2015."

While 75% of survey participants said they had "very positive" or "somewhat positive" feelings about industry's outlook in 2015, that was down from 85% percent in the 2014 survey. It also varied by geography: Executives based in Europe expressed slightly less rosy predictions than their counterparts in the Americas and Asia/Pacific. "This is not surprising given the lackluster performance of the EU economy in 2014 and dim prospects for improvement in 2015," notes the report.

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