Thirty years of success attributed to good customer relations


From three molding machines and three employees to 47 machines and 130 employees across two locations in 30 years is quite a success story in today's injection molding business. To listen to founder and president of Technical Precision Plastics (TPP), Jim Piermarini, tell the story of his company's growth, it sounded so simple. "Customer service," he said when asked by PlasticsToday to reveal the secret of his success.

"Obviously, you have to have the technical skills, the quality systems, and good organization, but we have a policy in customer service that we will respond to our customers' inquiries by the end of the business day that they call," explained Piermarini. "We may not have all the answers yet, but we respond even if it's to tell them we're still working on it. We know that our customers need updates because they have schedules to meet, so responding to them in a timely manner is the key to building good customer relationships. If you don't respond you won't get additional business. Success with one job gets you new business."
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