Thinner walls, higher flow, greater organoleptics


A meltflow rate of 70 and improved organoleptic properties make a random polypropylene (PP) copolymer particularly well suited for transparent injection molded, thin wall food packaging. BorPure RJ766MO, part of Borealis' range of high performance PP for thin-wall packaging, is a combination of Borealis' Borstar PP polymerization technology and Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT).

The organoleptic properties mean that it will not impart tastes or odor to the packaged product and by customizing the molecular weight distribution (MWD) a fast crystallizing structure is created with a good balance of stiffness and impact properties.

The 70 melt-flow rate enable energy savings with processors able to run equipment at lower temperatures than is possible with some competing materials with sufficient organoleptic properties. The new grade is the third in Borealis's BorPure random PP family. BorPure grades RG466MO and RJ377MO have melt flow rates of 30 and 45....
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