Think plastic bag bans are only about bags? Think again.


More cities around the world are starting to put into practice some sort of plastic bag ban or tax. Type in 'plastic bag ban' in Google and you're likely to receive more than 2000 articles.

In general, it's the same argument told in different ways and languages. Some view the polyethylene bags as an environmental eyesore that finds its way onto beaches, walkways, the side of highways, trees, etc. They believe a plastic bag ban or tax can help stop the proliferation of plastic bags.

About 100 billion to 1 trillion bags are used each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

On the other side, manufacturers of banned plastic bags fight back and talk about how bans will jeopardize manufacturing jobs, eliminate consumer choice, and more.

More than 30,000 American manufacturing jobs in 349 plants across the country are threatened by proposed ordinances to ban and tax plastic bags, according to the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI)....
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