Thermoplastic silicone vulcanizate delivers performance in healthcare environment


When it comes to medical devices, durability and usability rank high on the list of priorities for healthcare professionals. The silky feel and non-slip security provided by an overmolded layer of TPSiV thermoplastic silicone vulcanizate from Multibase USA (Copley, OH) delivers on both of these counts in the C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant developed by Motion Computing (Austin, TX).

The C5 was developed to bring accurate patient data input and retrieval to the point of care in a hospital or other clinical setting. The slate form factor of this tablet PC supports such features as an integrated digital camera, a barcode scanner, RFID reader, and a stylus for data input incorporated into a superior ergonomic design that supports clinical workflows. Lorenzo Dunn, chief of product design at Motion Computing, understands that superior ergonomics also contribute to the C5's success in the marketplace and notes that, "The comfortable, easy-to-grip surface on the back of the tablet is an important ergonomic feature that makes carrying the C5 easy."

"The material is soft without being tacky because it requires no plasticizer or oils to achieve its resilience," points out Gifford Shearer, global innovation and portfolio manager at Multibase, a Dow Corning Company. The silicone elastomer also contributes to product durability. The flexible overmolding also forms an integral seal between the top and bottom of the computer's case, helping prevent the intrusion of moisture and dust without requiring a separate O-ring or gasket.

The soft surface also provides a level of shock resistance for both the exterior and interior components. Added attributes are resistance to a range of chemicals, including a variety of commercial disinfectants commonly used in hospitals and color stability over time under the high-intensity fluorescent lighting also found in healthcare facilities
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