Thermoplastic Lightweight Construction Solutions for Green Mobility


Thermoplastic composite constructions open up great potential in the automotive industry for weight reduction, thus allowing a significant reduction of the emissions and the fuel consumption of vehicles. Dedicated to the concept of Green Mobility, Lanxess is expanding its position in fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites for lightweight construction applications. Extensive investments already have been made, in areas ranging from the development of custom materials and simulation methods, and the determination of characteristic material values to component testing. Further, project management is being expanded to support both Lanxess customers and their customers in developing innovative composite components. In view of the trend towards lightweight electric cars and lightweight, fuel-saving motor vehicles, Lanxess is concentrating intensively on thermoplastic composite sheet hybrid technology based on polyamide. Compared to pure metal, or metal/plastic hybrid designs, this technology offers great potential for saving on component weight.

Lanxess CEO Dr. Axel Heitmann said: "This year we will focus on green mobility and what we can do to support the cause. Our scientists are developing innovative products and technologies based on renewable raw materials, sustainable manufacturing processes and economically compatible methods of disposal that help to protect the environment.

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