Thermoforming industry weathered recessionary storms

Thermoforming companies generally faired quite well during the recession, albeit they represent only 7% of the value of output of the total of regional plastics processors, according to Dr. Peter Mooney, economist and researcher. Through his company, Plastics Resources, he has just released his latest report on the regional plastics processing business covering all types of processing.

There are two types of business in Mooney's study: structural plastics processor (industrial), and non-structural (packaging). Mooney stated in his recent presentation at the SPE Thermoforming Conference in Atlanta, that, like all plastics processors, their "growth is a function of the markets they serve."

The packaging thermoformers (non-structural) are "at the top of the chart," said Mooney, pointing out that the value of output of non-structural thermoformers in 2011 was $12.8 billion. Compared to 2009 (-2.5%) and even 2010 (+4.1%), 2011 saw an increase in the value of output rise by 8.8%. The percentage of change in average annual sales growth for this segment was 5.6% and the 2011 sales relative to peak year sales was 8.8%....

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