Thermoformer Dordan expands range of sustainable packaging


Thermoformed packaging processor Dordan Manufacturing hopes to make a splash at the Pack Expo 2011 trade later this year when it introduces new packaging to its Bio Resin Show N Tell, a document the company has created and continues to update to help its customers make choices between the various bioplastics available.

Dordan for its part has run the materials and so can offer information on output, potential issues with certain materials, and also the advantages of each. The Show N Tell booklet also offers guidance on pricing of the materials versus established thermoplastics.

Pack Expo will be held in Las Vegas September 26-28. Added to Show-N-Tell and also to the list of bioplastics, or plastics based on sustainable materials that Dordan (Woodstock, IL) can process, are the TerraPET sheet supplied by Klockner, and Microgreen Polymers' Aeris InCycle....
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