Thermoformed parts score gains in medical applications


Thermoformed plastics are making gains in medical applications.

TEQ (Huntley, IL) used state-of-the-art plug-assist material, heated cut dies and a special mold finish in a sophisticated tool to put an end to quality issues Thoratec was experiencing with its HeartMate sterile packaging. Due to warped flanges, thin spots and inclusions/imperfections in the plastic, multiple lots were rejected causing waste in time and materials. In addition, the package consisted of three parts mated together, and parts from different lots needed to be interchangeable to create the final package.

Ten components

Productive Plastics (Mt. Laurel, NJ) is manufacturing a medical scanner enclosure assembly comprised of 10 pressure-formed components using Kydex T (PVC/Acrylic sheet), and the complex nature of its design required numerous under-cut details, secondary tooling, and precise finishing....
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