GRAFE Advanced Polymers GmbH

The trend colors of 2013

Blankenhain/Weimar – No one can escape the effect of colors;
people have even come to rely on their influence. That is what color therapists and
modern psychologists claim. Colors awaken our emotions and our imagination. But
that is not all. Colors move along with the times and the developments in society. A
grass-green which is all the rage today, may seem outdated tomorrow. The GRAFE
Design Center is keenly aware just how relevant colors are and considers all
information in the color-finding process to arrive at an ideal solution for its
That is why the team at GRAFE is also active in the development of trend colors and is presenting the
colors for the coming year at the FAKUMA in Friedrichshafen. Under the motto „WORLD is COLOR“
Grafe embarks on an exciting journey through a number of cultures across the earth against the
backdrop of trend colors for 2013. For the very reason that the world today is closer now than ever
before, that it is not just about business and negotiations but also about solidarity and responsibility is
why we need to open our eyes to those “supposedly foreign” worlds.
With this in mind, the trend colors emerge into the coolness of the North as well as the nativeness of
Africa and Australia. They uncover the delicate pastels of Asia and the vibrant colors of South
America. In this spirit, a distinct interaction appears between dark, powerful colors and subdued
pastels. In addition, there are several nuances which fascinate through their ability to evoke
completely new worlds of color depending on how they appear in the light, creating in turn their own
inspiring fantasies. The bright primary colors are supported by glamorous details of glitter,
shimmer and grain. In summary the trend colors can be described as “reserved optimism”. A
simple elegance which once again confirms that „WORLD is COLOR.”