GRAFE Advanced Polymers GmbH

The smart packaging film – for safe transport of electronic and surface-sensitive components

Blankenhain/Weimar – Choosing the right packaging with the right
properties is just as important for the damage-free transport of high-value
components and tools as are the requirements placed on the products themselves.
The heightened demands on packaging materials have raised new challenges for
masterbatch and compound manufacturers. GRAFE, the company based in
Thuringia, is presenting the latest extension to its product line at the FAKUMA: a
non-migratory, permanently anti-static transparent blue packaging film and a
conductive black film. This material development is excellently suited for the
manufacture of bubble-wrap.
Packaging materials are often not able to ensure the safe transportation of goods at sea or on land.
„Additives from traditional transport film migrate and settle on the surface of packaged materials,”
explains Danny Ludwig, Head of Development at the GRAFE Group. „Simply because packaging is
not able to meet transport requirements does not mean that a loss will inevitably occur, but it does
greatly raise the risk.”
With their new product line extension – a blue, non-migratory, permanently anti-static film with a
surface resistivity of 109 ohm and a black conductive material with a surface resistivity of 104 ohm –
the staff at the GRAFE Group have shown they understand the high level of demands placed on
transport materials. „The new packaging films we have developed are able to meet these high
demands so that the mechanical, climatic and chemical requirements during transport, storage and
handling are fulfilled. They can be used in disposable or returnable packaging, bubble wrap or pillow
packs for components with high-quality surfaces and in the field of electronics. In developing the new
film we have also taken automobile industry standards into account so that the new material can be
used in overseas transport of automotive components,” explains Danny Ludwig. The material
solutions from GRAFE Polymer Technik are also available as masterbatches or compounds.