Eurochiller S.r.l.

The power of water

ADY-NAX Adiabatic chiller
‘The power of water’ is the inspiration that drove EUROCHILLER to first study and then create a new and exciting cooling technology aimed at achieving the highest energy savings. It’s name? The ADY-NAX. It’s launch? At possibly the best showcase, worldwide, for previewing innovative technology and gaining maximum attention - the 2013 K Show in Düsseldorf.

Two landmark developments, both occurring in recent years, have made it possible for us to create a product that pushes the boundaries of energy efficiency - exceeding even the exceptional levels offered by our NAX line:

• 2007: We were the first to apply inverter control technology on scroll compressors dedicated to plastics applications.
• 2010: We developed an adiabatic dry-cooler with electronic control of water consumption and with a dedicated software developed in-house.

Designed to significantly reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency, the ADY-NAX is ideal for the growing number of manufacturers interested in solutions that offer the right combination of cost, quality, efficiency and environmental safeguard.

Representing our goal to continuously develop, improve and innovate our products – even during these critical years – the ADY-NAX really is more than just another product; it’s a project that will change the future design of cooling systems for injection moulding machines and extruders.

We look forward to seeing you at K2013, where you will be the first to view this innovative proposal!