Polycasa GmbH

The new name in Plastic sheet

— the new name in plastic sheet.

Following both market and customer research, it became apparent that, while acknowledging the achievements of the past, the time has come to refresh and update our brand.

We are a pan-European company; the largest non-integrated manufacturer of plastic sheeting (produced through a polymerisation process) on the Continent. All of our manufacturing plants are in Europe; more than 80% of our sales come from Europe. So, we needed a new brand name that encapsulates this, describes our business in a meaningful way, and builds on previous successes..

And so, our new identity was born: ‘Polycasa — your home for plastic sheet’.

The name is made up of two words, ‘Poly’ meaning ‘plastic’, and ‘casa’ which is Latin for ‘house’. This roughly translates as the ‘home of plastics’, and also reflects our pan-European presence. The strapline is our vision; we believe in it — we’re proud to shout it.

Our logo is made up of circles, originating from a microscopic image of a polymer, to represent the choice of products in our extensive range. The colours used are fresh, perfectly illustrating the fresh approach to the business.

So, we’ve refreshed our brand to better describe what we are, what we do and how we want to be recognised.

Now, moving forward, our aim — to set new standards within the world of plastic — is underpinned by three key values: quality, loyalty and innovation.

Charles Shaw, Polycasa Managing Director, outlined our commitment: “We guarantee the highest production values, consistently best service and absolute loyalty to all our customers and suppliers. And because we’re an independent company, we show fairness and transparency to everyone — our success is built on trust. “

There’s certainly a solid foundation to build on. Polycasa offer the widest choice of size, colour, pattern, coating, gauge and opacity for high-quality plastic sheet, with a range that spans from acrylics through to polycarbonate, polyesters and styrenics,

And in the past two years, Polycasa have introduced a portfolio of innovative products including a bird-friendly sound-barrier acrylic, a heavy-duty hard-wearing plastic for industrial plants and a lenticular sheet capable of creating dramatic visual effects.

Whether it’s simple picture framing, domestic fittings, retail environments or complex construction projects,

Polycasa have the plastic sheet for any application. That’s why we’re known as ‘your home for plastic sheet’.