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The new lines for recycling of PET

GM65 for PET with underwater pelletizer

thanks to the partnership with Sb Plastics Machinery society who developed Moby technology, GAMMA MECCANICA offers the possibility to get the SSP treatment on the recycled granule and use it for the production of food packaging. The GM Compac for PET recycling linked with Moby technology ensures: - granules suitable for food use approved by FDA and EFSA - crystalized granules - increase IV (Intrinsic Viscosity) greater than 0.1dl/g/h - energy efficiency - a return of investment in a short time Moby is a system useful for treatement of the granules in recycled PET. This system uses the infrared rays with pushed empty that provokes the migration of water and contaminated chemicals. Compared to others technologies, Moby has a lot of advantages: - dessication, dehumidification, crystallization, "supercleaning" and increase IV - energy consumption is small and proportional to the quantity of material to process - the material is cleaned and preserved by oxidation, improving quality of the final product - simple working With the launch of Moby, the recycled granules are: crystallized, polycondensated, and they can be stored, or directly introduced into the production cycle.