The molding process is a science and an art at Winzeler Gear


Is the molding process a science or an art? At Winzeler Gear, you don't have to separate the two. The company blends both in order to design and manufacture high precision high-tolerance molded plastic gears for the automotive, lawn and garden and office automation industries.

From the gallery of Fashion Gear Art to a distinctive new machine design and the walls of its facility in Chicago, you see the influence of modern art, fashion, design, and contemporary engineering in all aspects of the business.

Winzeler Gear has adopted the principals of scientific molding as a foundation in their business model. These principals are used to develop and control 100% of all molding processes, ensuring minimum variability in gear dimensions and material integrity. With full corporate investment, all of its process engineers are trained and certified by RJG Inc., a provider of injection molding training, technology and resources, to assure they understand the science of molding and the scientific approach to process development and control. This specialized training in scientific and de-coupled molding allows Winzeler to develop and maintain a precision production process for all gears manufactured in their facility.

To develop the process, cavity pressure sensors are used at the prototype molding phase of each program. If gears molded with the prototype process meet dimensional and durability requirements, Winzeler can ensure a smooth transition from prototype to production by matching the pressure fill curve template. When in production, the RJG computer must accept the process every cycle before the gears are allowed to flow into a "good" part container. The approval signal is stored on a production server, providing a record of 100% process validation by cycle with a date stamp.
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