Haag & Zeissler Maschinenelemente GmbH

The individual rotary joint

series 9001 S-MD

Haag + Zeissler Maschinenelemente GmbH from Hanau are presenting their newly reworked series 9001 MD - Modular Design at the K 2013.

With this unique construction HAAG + ZEISSLER are the global technology leaders in the field of elastomer-free rotary joints. HAAG + ZEISSLER therefore do not speak of a universal rotary joint; in fact they are also able to supply such flexible systems.

The design of the rotary joint can be individually adapted to suit the customer’s operating conditions. This makes it easy to convert the rotary joint from a single supply and drain to a combined supply and drain using the modular construction kit system.

The 9001 MD series is combined with the CD Cartridge Design sealing cartridge system, in which the sealing cartridges can be equipped alternatively with ball bearings, graphite bearings or solid bearings. The unique design with bellows contains no O-rings or loose parts such as springs or pins. Thanks to this complex component, temperatures of over 300°C are possible depending on the design of the seal. Existing systems can be adapted to new operating conditions by simply exchanging the sealing cartridge.

This gives rise to a construction kit with a cascade-like structure, from the choice of material for the execution, to the bearings and choice of connections, such as flanges or the most diverse thread shapes, to the selection of the seal.

A flexible, robust and durable rotary joint, which can show its strengths particularly in rough conditions can be realised with only a few standardised components.

The requirements of the most diverse industries such as plastics processing, foodstuffs, steel construction, printing machines, cement mills, etc. can thus be covered by a single series.

Delivery is possible from stock at short notice in nearly all versions.

The product line of the ROTARY JOINTS from the MD – Modular Design series is supplemented by the ROTARION® series and the GANYMED® swivel joints.