Plastic Metal S.P.A.

The evolution of the hybrid technology MULTIPOWER


Plastic Metal SpA, Italian manufacturer of injection moulding machines for thermoplastics will present at K-show the evolution of the hybrid technology MULTIPOWER, a technologically innovative machine, that combines versatility and excellent performances with maximum energy saving.

Plastic Metal S.p.A. will exhibit three machines in the context of three moulding stations based upon MULTIPOWER machines with clamping force from 50 Tons. to 350 Tons.

The moulding stations will be equipped with conveyor belts and accessories provided by company F.lli Virginio S.r.l. (Hall 11 - Stand 11 F 57), of the NPM group, in order to show the efficiency of its automation and accessory products during the production.

During the exhibition there will be an electronic device for "live" measuring of the real energy consumption, in order to show the incredible efficiency of MULTIPOWER machines, certifying the results compared to similar hydraulic, hybrid and full-electric machines.

The MULTIPOWER machines represent a innovation, that combines electrical and hydraulic technology in a winning way.

Material load and opening/closing electrically operated, while injection, ejection and carriage movements realized hydraulically, provide a high quality of moulding at lower cost of production.

The machines are equipped with the best components available in the market, available worldwide and with extended guarantees and service to the customers.

Plastic Metal, being always at the top of the technological evolution, studied the possibility of improving its injection moulding machines performance in the following areas:

• Simplicity of use by transforming the user video interface into a natural approach, by making it more intuitive and more interactive.

• Further improvements in reducing energy consumption, that can be obtained by attacking several fronts, but above all by perfecting the hydraulic energy accumulator system.

• Optimizing recharge pressure values to the actual values used during the dosing and hold phase, and contemporaneously adjusting the volumetric characteristics of the system to the actual quantity of oil required, thereby attaining efficiency improvements.

• Adding the following functions to the video control:




These functions adjust the machine performances exploiting a complex software, that optimizes all parameters, that affect the moulding process.

The ECO button minimizes energy consumption, as the system optimizes the decrease of pressure charging the accumulators, the NORMAL mode allows free setting by the user and the machine works with the values indicated in the catalogue, while the FAST option allows the higher speed performance, typical of packaging, because the machine still remaining within the operation with reduced consumption, automatically recalibrates all the parameters to reach the maximum performances possible.

All the machines are equipped with teleservice system that allows control of the machine parameters from the NPM central service.

... come, visit our Stand 15 A 23 and check with your own eyes!