Siapi S.r.l.

The best heating power for each preform

In its own Research and Development laboratory, SIAPI has started a project for characterizing the various radiating bodies, identifying optimal solutions based on the thickness of the preform and its heating, in order to improve the quality of the blown containers, increase hourly production and reduce energy costs.
This study pointed out the elevated penetration capacity of NIR sources (Near InfraRed) in comparison to tradition IR sources, which results in reduced heating time and energy savings of up to 50%.

“Today SIAPI can help customers identify the correct heating technology, and this is a true competitive advantage. Especially for our Converter customers, having the possibility to increase productivity while lowering energy costs means being more competitive in the market and increasing business.” Maico Zanco – Sales Manager of SIAPI.

During the initial phase, the experiments considered transparent preforms with a thickness of up to 4.6 mm. The results we obtained showed the greater penetration capacity of NIR radiation inside the material in comparison to IR. This effect can be quantified by observing the blue line on the chart: with NIR ovens, a temperature of 50°C is reached after 10 layers inside the material, unlike the use of IR ovens in which the same temperature is reached after only 7 layers.