SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association / NPE 2015

The U.S. Plastics Market

Great Things Happen at NPE
NPE2015 will serve as a hub of trade for plastics companies from the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Exhibiting companies will include: 1) hundreds of firms coming directly from outside the U.S.; 2) the major multinational suppliers of plastics equipment and materials, both U.S.-based companies and U.S. subsidiaries of companies based elsewhere; and 3) the largest number of U.S. domestic suppliers of plastics technologies to exhibit at any plastics event anywhere. International attendees will come from over 100 countries.

The last NPE in 2012 set a new record for international participation, with 750 exhibiting companies—or 40% of the total—coming directly from outside the United States. China sent the most international exhibitors to NPE2012 by far—a little over 300, or 16% of all exhibitors. Another 8% came from the rest of Asia and the Mideast, and 10% came from Europe. Canada sent 72 exhibitors—the second-largest country total after China. The 28 exhibitors from Mexico and South America represented the largest contingent ever from Latin America.

Attendance also showed strong international participation in 2012. Fully 26% of all visitors came from outside the United States, a substantial increase compared with any previous NPE. One-third of these international visitors came from Latin America, fulfilling SPI’s prediction that the new venue in Orlando would attract more visitors from that region than ever before. SPI expects Latin American participation to be at least as strong at NPE2015.

The sheer size of the market to which NPE gives access is one reason for this increase in international participation. As the worlds largest plastics trade show and conference, NPE2015 will take place at the heart of a $600-billion plastics market stretching from Canada to Chile. Nearly 40,000 plastics processing companies serve this market.

The largest plastics industry in this vast region is that of the U.S. In 2011, more than 17,000 custom and captive processors in the U.S. shipped goods with a total worth of $380-billion. Another $85-billion in shipments came from U.S.
companies that supply domestic and foreign plastics processors with machinery, raw materials, tooling, software, and other inputs.

The fastest-growing plastics industries in the Americas are those of Latin America. An annual GDP growth rate of 4% is anticipated for the region as a whole between now and NPE2015—a rate that will outperform the rest of the world. While the combined population of the countries in Latin America is 600 million—nearly double that of the U.S.—per capita consumption of plastics is smaller than in the U.S. and Canada, holding much potential for future growth.

Among the exhibitors at NPE2015 will be the world’s major suppliers of primary processing and auxiliary equipment; machine and mold components and supplies; resins and compounds; additives, fillers, and reinforcements; and moldmaking services.Exhibits at NPE2015 will reflect the entire range of industrial and consumer applications of plastics and provide an advance look at product innovations that will improve the lives of people everywhere. Fully represented at NPE2015 will be broad, multifaceted major markets like appliances, automotive, building & construction, electrical & electronics, medical, and packaging.