The Troubleshooter: Sensitive polycarbonate, aggressive chemicals, stressful times


It has been a few days since one of the big brown trucks has pulled up in front of my office. I suspect it is due to everybody getting busy and not having the time to send me parts to work on. It could also be that the molders laid some of their employees off when business slowed down and they just haven't had a chance to call them back yet.

I like to stay busy but a break now and then isn't all that bad. I know Jake likes it when we go for a walk in the woods 2 or 3 times a day instead of only once. This time of year his nose is picking up lots of smells that gets his blood flowing.

I am also running low on parts to talk about. If any of you want me to tell your story, please send parts and runners when you can.

This month's part comes to me from Canada and is an excellent example of how sensitive polycarbonate is to some chemicals.

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